Senior Thesis: Social Media in American Politics

Social media plays a massive part in the daily routines of most Americans, and people are engaging in social media now more than ever. Numbers of users are continually on the rise, and Facebook has become the most frequently used social media site on the internet, with 79% of Americans engaging on a daily basis (Greenwood, Perrin, & Duggan, 2016).  With the rise of a society reliant on technology, government and politics are more influenced by social media than ever before. 

The creation of Facebook and Twitter in 2006 led many Americans to turn to both sites as their main sources of news. During the past three presidential elections, Americans have been more likely to get their news from a social media site than other media outlets. Traditional print media is on the decline, and the rise in technology is peaking the interests of various age groups. About 26% of all American Adults get their news information from two or more social media outlets (Grieco, 2017). 

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