Feature Profile: Raven Cook- Building a foundation for Black History Education

27-year-old Raven Cook spoke at the Fayetteville Women’s March on Jan. 18, 2018. Cook captured the crowd’s attention and provoked an excited applause with a speech highlighting a few of the most influential people in modern black history and civil rights movements and challenging everyone in attendance to “see and acknowledge the realities of all women.”

Cook wore long braids and traditional African head scarf along with her sorority letter jacket.

“You can no longer say ‘I did not know’ or ‘I was unaware of the burden’ because today you have committed yourself to being aware of oppression and standing up,” Cook said in her speech.

Raven Cook remembers watching the 2012 funeral of Michael Brown – a young man shot and killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri – from the hotel room in Texas where she and her mother were living after being kicked out of their home just days before.

She was shaken up by the images she saw, but felt there was little she could do to get involved. She was dealing with the trauma of Ferguson at the same time as

With no job, no car, and now no permanent place of residence, Cook held tight to one of the only possessions she had brought to the hotel with her: a stack of African American history books.

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